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Chaos working XIII

Part XII


I stood for a moment in a state of shock. I knew that my Gods worked together, but never so closely as to help each other out. The gift of the axe coming through Eris' hands amazed me, and now that I knew who this woodcutter was, I was in awe of the simple work we had just done together.

I still stood in silent thought when the satyr's words finally broke through to me.

"Hey, you gonna stand there till the moon rises, or you gonna float me that tree?" he shouted.

"I'm working on it," I called back. I moved the trunk of the tree into the water, and then found a heavy branch. I pushed the rest of the tree in and sat down on the water's edge to think.

The satyr had a regular beat going with his hammer as I thought about how far I'd come. I was, perhaps, half-way to my destination, and I had so much further to go. I wondered for a moment how long I had been in this state, tranced out in front of my altar at home, chanting out a mantra I couldn't pronounce. Suddenly, a frightening, yet remarkably comfortable thought came into my mind: was I actually sitting at home stumbling over words and phrases, or was I here, sitting and listening to the sound of a satyr hammering away on a bridge? Did it matter?

I decided that it did not matter, whether I was physically here or only "in my mind." What was important was the experience, the things that occured. The owner of this reality, body or mind, didn't matter one bit.

The sound of the hammer on the bridge was soothing, and I decided that I could pass the time until the satyr finished by falling asleep.

To be continued. . .


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